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Kaktus-Klub 4-5-2001
B. Noskov Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
Rogatskin D. Modern opinions on taxonomy of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
I. Vassilyeva R. Udalova History of Succulent Collection in St. Petersburg Botanical Garden of Komarov Botanical Institute
G. James Adenium socotranum Vierh.
I. Vasilchenko Abstract: Aloe - 2000
N. Konenkova Smolensk Cactus Club Lobivia: yesterday, today, tomorrow
N. Schelkunova Mammillaria marcosii
N. Schelkunova Illustrated Mini-Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents
H. Mays Haworthia Moori Nosono'.
I. Vasilchenko Book review
I. Vasilchenko Pleiospilos and Tanquana
V. Gapon Book review
D. Rogatskin Abstract: Gymnocalycium - 2000
I. Zaletaeva The Cctaceae family
V. Gapon For whom the genus Leuchtenbergia was named? (Beauharnais, Hooker, Karwinsky and others)
S. Batov Some ideas about a phylogeny of Ariocarpus Scheidw
Y. Zhurov Chubays' effect
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