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Kaktus-Klub 1-2-2011
Russian collections: Dmitry Demin (Moscow)
Georgy Popov. A fresh look on Tephrocactus weberi
Natalia Ponomareva. Our calendar: historic dates for 2012
Gordon Rowley is 90!
Konstantin Korotkov. Systematics, Taxa, Typification, Classification
Helmut Amerhauser is 70!
Natalia Schelkunova, Vitaly Kulakov. Mini-encyclopaedia of popular cacti and other succulents
Grzegorz Matuszewski. How I found Mammillaria roemeri W. Krueger & W.Rischer
Vladimir Boxer. History of magazine Areola
Georgy Popov. Identify this plant !
Nikolay Fedjukin (1960-2011)
Victor Gapon, Gert Neuhuber. New subspecies of Gymnocalycium carolinense Neuhuber
Valery Zlotin . Raphionacme procumbens Schltr
V. Gapon. Gymnocalycium riojense subspec. paucispinum, Gymnocalycium riojense subspec. paucispinum var. platygonum, Gymnocalycium riojense subspec. paucispinum var. guasayanense
Gymnorus 29
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