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"11 000 kilometers around Argentina in search of cacti" volume 2

Dear colleagues and friends!


The second volume of book “11 000 kilometers around Argentina in search of cacti” by Victor Gapon about his first trip to Argentina will be published at the end of April, 2024.  An engaging story told by Victor about his travelling around Argentina with Gert Neuhuber also contains plenty of information on indigenous cacti (mostly Gymnocalyciums) and their habitats, interesting practical notes on field work and discussion of certain systematic issues in Cactaceae family.

Large-format volum (210x270 mm, or 8.3x10.6 inches), 220 pages of text and more 550 color illustrations. There is a short summary to each chapter in English; all the captions are also translated into English.

The volume tells about the second part of the trip in provinces Jujuy,  Salta, Catamarca, Tucuman and La Rioja. We are planning to start its distribution in May, 2024.

Sponsor contributions are accepted up to the April 1st, 2024; the lower limits are set to 50 Euros (postal charges aren’t included).

List of sponsors will be published in the end of the volume. Here is a list of sponsors as of March 20th, 2024. We kindly ask you to look through it and report to us if you find your name misspelled or it is missing altogether.

We apologize for the amount of time it took us to prepare this book and also for possible mistakes in the sponsors’ list.

We thank you for your patience and sympathy!

Your questions are welcome. Please, contact Natalia Shchelkunova (“Kaktus-Klub” editorial board secretary)

at phone: +79265481396

WhatsApp: +79265481396,
e-mail: kaktusklub@yandex.ru


sponsors of the second volume:


Andersone Gunta


Drab Igor

Slovac Republic

Durst Evelyn


Eggli Urs


Ellis Nata


Frank Zdenek

Czech Republic

Jecminek Jan

Czech Republic

Neuhuber Gert


Pfendbach Edwina






Your questions are welcome. Contact Natalia Shchelkunova (editorial board secretary) at
phone: +79265481396


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