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Kaktus-Klub 2-2006
Russian collections: Anatoly Mikhaltsov (Omsk)
Konstantin Korotkov. Lithops steineckeana the father is unknown But mother?
J. Odehnal. PF-2007
Arcady Seregin. Chile2006
Natalia Schelkunova. Aloes for your collections
Natalia Schelkunova, Victor Gapon.. Visit to Franz Berger
Natalia Schelkunova. Illustrated Mini-Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents
Andrey Vasiljev. Smolensk, 7-th of October
Victor Gapon. RPS-2003
Milos Zaruba. Laguna Viesca very interesting place for lovers of Mexican cacti
Grigory Talalaev. Again about welwitschia
Irina Vassiljeva. About sowing of welwitschia
Dmitry Rogatskin. Abstract: Gymnocalycium (Austria)" 2005
Anatoly Mikhaltsov. Book review
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