Welcome to the website of the 'Kaktus-Klub' journal editorial board. The journal appears quarterly and contains information for those who are keen on cacti and other succulent plants. Here you can subscribe to the journal, read previous volumes, purchase seeds, plants and books on the topic.
Kaktus-Klub 3-2006
Russian collections: Alexander Lukashov (Moscow)
David Parker. Austrocylindropuntia pachypus
Victor Gapon. Our calendar: 2007
Ivan Zhupan. Andrei P. Sokolow
Glafira Sipelgas. Some memoirs about Andrei Sokolow
Andrei Sokolow (1907-1990)
Olga Sazhina. Letter in edition
Natalia Schelkunova. Aloes for your collections
Victoria Andrejchuk. Visit to Oleg Iljashenko
Natalia Schelkunova. Illustrated Mini-Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents
Victor Gapon. A big travel of small turbinicarpus
Dmitry Rogatskin. Ariocarpuses on own roots
Vladislav Sedivy, Pavel Pavlicek. What is Roseocactus intermedius?
Konstantin Korotkov. Again about mystery of Lithops eberlanzii
Igor Shutov. Letter in issue
Vitaly Rybalchenko. Gold spine 1
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